Marketing Your Way to Program Success

by Stephanie Sarkis

You have a great career counseling center in your school. Problem: too few students know about it or use it on a regular basis. Here’s how to make sure all your students benefit from what you have to offer.
•Redefine career.

•Survey your students.
•Ask them the questions that they want answered.
•Use the Internet to its full potential.
•Make use of guest speakers.
•Create a logo and slogan.
•Give them a “take home”.
•Get creative with your marketing materials.
•Reach beyond the school.
•Participate in as many community events as possible.
•Keep track of your marketing efforts.

By practicing even a few of these tips, your career program can hit new heights and expand its reach.

Stephanie Sarkis PhD NCC LMHC is the author of 10 Simple Solutions for Adult ADD, published by New Harbinger. The book has a chapter specifically devoted to career choices. Dr. Sarkis is an adjunct assistant professor in the Department of Counselor Education at the University of Florida. She also has a private practice in Gainesville, Florida and is the Director of Assessments and Evaluations at Sarkis Clinical Trials.
She can be reached at
www.stephaniesarkis.com and mail@stephaniesarkis.com.

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