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A Strengths-Based Approach to Career Development Using Appreciative Inquiry, 2nd Edition

Author/Editor: Donald A. Schutt , Jr

Year: 2018

Author: Donald A. Schutt, Jr.

The Strengths-Based Approach is a way of seeing the world as positive and focuses on building upon strengths rather than on fixing deficits. It suggests that the questions we ask drive the direction and focus of our actions and behavior. The Strengths-Based Approach, drawing on life-planning and positive psychology concepts and Appreciative Inquiry processes, is based on the simple assumption that every individual has something that works well and that these strengths can be the starting point for creating positive change. This updated monograph details the approach and includes activities and a participant guide to move the Strengths-Based Approach to career development into practice. This is a great resource for anyone interested in approaching career development from a strength-based perspective. (2018)

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Key Categories:

  • Career Development Theory and Models
  • Individual/Group Counseling and Facilitating Skills
  • Counselor Educator

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The second edition of A Strengths-Based Approach to Career Development Using Appreciative Inquiry provides insightful ways to use Appreciative Inquiry to assist individuals as they seek to understand their strengths.  The book contains a holistic approach to the topic, provides a helpful introduction, and the reader will appreciate the detailed plan for implementation. Interview protocols, activity worksheets, and energizing ways to assess, explore and plan ensure that the reader can confidently apply the concepts. The Activity Sheets are ready-to-use with clear instructions, prompts and leads. There is also a Participant Workbook included in the publication. Don Schutt focuses on the process of on Define, Discovery, Dream, Design, and Delivery which results in a positive self-image…  an image that helps one understand how he/she wants to express a sense of self through work. 

Judith M. Ettinger, Ph.D.
Project Director
Center on Education and Work at the University of Wisconsin-Madison


In Chinese culture, the Strengths Based Approach is quite suitable. It fits people’s actual needs. I applied this approach in my practice and research work and found that the Strengths-Based Approach is an essential and indispensable element to facilitate an individual's thinking about his or her life. The Activity Guide and Participant Guide in the Appendix are quite practical for counselors and teachers working with their clients and students. Future oriented questions in the Guides will stimulate the learners’ curiosity and concerns to design their career and life in a meaningful way. 

-田秀蘭 教授兼系主任

Hsiu-Lan Shelley Tien, PhD
Professor and Department Chair
National Taiwan Normal University



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