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NCDA is proud to offer a variety of courses in The Hub, which will continue to expand. Check back here often* as more course descriptions are added.

Clicking on course titles below for details and registration. After you pay for a course, you may proceed to the Hub Dashboard to complete the course at your convenience.

All courses must be paid with a credit card. (You do NOT need a PayPal account to pay with a credit card).  If check or PO payments are sought, please contact Natalie Scrimsher at 918-663-7060 or nscrimsher@ncda.org.

*updated 1/10/2024

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Course Topic

Course #

 Career Development Strategies  VIRT2023
 Diversity, Equity, Inclusion  DEI001, DEI002, DEI003,
 POD001, POD002,
 Future of Work  POD001, POD002,
 Global Issues  CDSU23, VIRT2023
 Government  CDFA23
 Mental Health  POD001
 Orientation  NCDA001
 Technology  VIRT2023


Course Type

Course #

 Featured Presentations  VIRT2023
 Micro-course  DEI001, DEI002, DEI003
 Podcast  POD001, POD002
 Magazine  CDFA23, CDSU23,
 CDFA22, CDW22
 Orientation  NCDA001


Continuing Education (CEs)

Course #

10  VIRT2023
6  POD002
2  POD001, DEI003
1  CDFA23, CDSU23,
 CDFA22, CDW22, CDW23
 DEI001, DEI002
0  NCDA001



Click on course titles below for details and registration:

(the list is in order by course #)

CDFA22 - Career Developments Magazine, Fall 2022

CDFA23 - Career Developments Magazine, Fall 2023

CDSP23 - Career Developments Magazine, Spring 2023

CDSU23 - Career Developments Magazine, Summer 2023

CDW22 - Career Developments Magazine, Winter 2022

CDW23 - Career Developments Magazine, Winter 2023

DEI001 - DEI: Use of Inclusive Language

DEI002 - DEI: Understanding Microaggression

DEI003 - DEI: Working with Diverse Career Development Teams

NCDA001 - The HUB Orientation

POD001 - NCDA Podcast Course: Presidential Series with Dr. Sharon Givens

POD002 - NCDA Podcast Course: Presidential Series with Dr. Lakeisha Mathews

VIRT2023 - Highlights of 2023

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